To excite things indescribably

Ready, Steady! Drop the BASS; it’s heavy. Sharpen the machete chargin up the Chevy cartin a cardigan startin preparing to overflow the levy busting hardening arteries in hearts of my artistry as if archery gnarled artfully marveled glossaries of apostrophes’ doctrines; pumping your feet to the beat seems unique being discreet, we see publicly things appear pristine, crystal clear. When unseen can appear near a keen ear it’s cold glistening chills whispering old ritual fear. Did you all hear? Luminescent views a pleasant incandescent room for blessing who was stressing prepubescent circumvention blurred some tension worth forgiving worked for living birthed sore shitty cursed scorned pitied purged towards deity’s bored worse by verse words first searched rehearsed resurfacing thirst quenching you’re drenching dripping wet clenching cigarettes simply sitting sweaty sipping liquid spaghetti in a dishwasher ready kids saucer freshly whipped up with heavy clusters of buttery rubbery lustrous yummy stuff mustering up! Once. Once was enough. Clinging tightly bringing brightly ringing reciting singing describing transpiring enlightening inciting enticement to excite things indescribably. 


Green:The Poetic Genius

  • N: yo…what the hot fudge cakes…this was superb…amazing…

    N: I love when you bring me into your element…your dimension.

    T: a la mode!

    T: alchemist
    N: T…your turn…give me something to respect…
  • N: T your a beast too…they better stop sleeping on you!

     Green I love when you except the journey N, lol thank you and true that T

  • They took their melatonin, they weren’t ready to keep up with me…the rest of the world will want it, say i’m reserved like an STD, expectantly waiting for the next results though the message shows i tested hoes with wrestling bros looking like i got em by the vestibules, i’da thunk i was on some kinda skunk like my minds eye was high as i once flunked Turnin Up junk cause of bein Too Crunk! The Trunk bumps serious sounds of Bass vibrations into the air as a sweet melody drifts miles down river my haste displaces centered despair so unique tellin me if i’ll now hither by face mistasted splinters ensnare their correspondence which thwarts its tolerance for supportive knowledge. I gasped taken aback by Poetic Dreams Sew passive seams as you dress up the Tailor; no elastic strings or Low hectic means. Just Ego metric gleam shining Nightly like a Bright Victory might live for me in history for this delivery. It seems it’s The Poetic Genius demeanor to go blessed with heinus belief for oppressive weakness pristineur!

    T:no puns intended or derogatory demeanor, exclusively just for anybody on this post! lol

     i read “The Buzz” and caught the hype flight proudly stating aloud confessed it such then got the wife psyched. it sounded awesome when read aloud as opposed to when i first slowly read it through

    TreasureYes & Yes! All of Dat!!!! Loves it!!!

     Green lol, yo you killed that Tyler Tucker I dug it man, glad I inspired you.

    T: i’ve got so much just boiling up right now i don’t even know where to begin. literally…darnit

My Omission

i refine my mind for timing in precise rhyme finding i Entice eyes which suffice blinding contrite binding switch tunnel vision dissension pretension extending “Keine Liebe” Inciting desiring supply kits defining me entirely describing my entirety. Prescribe slight enlightening yourself tightening awareness nightly unprepared we’ll share this blighting snare brightening rare frightened excitement arisen magnificent vision derision providing submission omission.

My next small step forwards! One at a time.

As a manipulative master of loopholes in systems I am about to post this structure to to continue moving forward in my business idea transition into reality! Review it and feel free to tell me what you think as I construct another account as described. Would you invest in yourself for your families and my continuing to spread awareness of investing in your own emergency fund? For 5$ a month per family? Currently I’ve managed to end up in a tight situation and I’m brainstorming desperately to sell an investment idea that can help me cover my bills as well as be saved in a separate account for interest and natural disaster and unfortunate event aid per community. So I require communication amongst everybody individually to continue my loyalty I am offering for 5$ a month to any family covered by the time period of each monthly, quarterly, or yearly membership paid for in full through any transaction followed through completion of this investment in oneself emergency assurance. I’m also theorizing alternate possibilities of savings or possible barter transactions from this system in case our currency has not found stability as our country recedes. a business network built off the idea of a large majority of communities contributing a small amount a month to expand growth in fellowship of one another helping each continue to thrive in our dwindling economy. So being as broke as I am I have plans on starting a non-profit business, however I cannot afford to pay my own bills or take care of my family to begin this country’s community assistance it appropriately requires to reeducate and simplify our current economic standards and moral assumptions.. I have this idea, I’m extremely loyal to the people trying to support my individuality; and wish we could share our loyalty through saving a substantial amount and distributing it back through small blessings with large impacts! It can create jobs and family incomes, homeless can do it, unemployed, disabled families can participate, and like insurance this assurance to have a crisis coverage or membership for a year to continue to expand a network largely developed in an equal understanding to help everybody out for a small amount that can be multiplied to immense proportions and open discussion of revenue placement! How do I get my voice heard, and introduce myself and explain I even have references for my honesty and loyalty? Regardless of intent; true trust isn’t bought. whenever my brain isn’t designing business ideas to market and make millions off the employment and careers of aspiring individuals not wanting to work specific schedules or whatnot… The ones with tattoos and records. I know because I’m a non-violent, felon. Why not create a business around supporting myself on the payroll or salary? I could go wherever I want, and save the money per city separately for everybody specifically in case of events like the Tornado that came through Birmingham. They could’ve been provided trailers or something…basically.. I wouldn’t touch more than .25 off it to pay my bills and keep my family content as i home school my children and educate misunderstood guides; a taxation can be extracted from it to collaborate with whatever their desired claim might suit. And the rest gains interest off communities involved? In the business psychiatry of Sales and Retail the intent of net profit is calculated off the gained revenue after purchase price and tax deduction. This isn’t an intentional tax on people, it’s an option to rely on your community to help another out if we are in need. a free coat at a Northern American thrift store or pawn shop just because we could help somebody. Take a loss for word of mouth to spread and multiply abundance. Thrift programs today are going to fail through their own selected destiny by their merging with wholesale alliances…in an economy destined to crash their stock market and finally learn the currency is void, if our goal is to preserve our self-worth it’s highly recommended to cut our losses in production to sell for 78% instead of 1.09% if you’re going out of business they sell a couple things half off…even circuit city was doing it in 2008! Where are we incompetent to observe we’ve hiked our sales price and ended up reducing our net gross earnings!? Our economy has gone INSANE! I’ve got to get the money up for t-shirts to spread our idea, but if I can get an account set up to begin contributions we can get enough money to get my membership with vast networks and spread my idea throughout the World. Once it’s planted into the minds of sharing and offering a small tithe towards working together and true community assistance… I’m gonna work on putting these ideas all down on the blog so I can make my changes one person at a time trying to get them to believe in me. But it’s difficult to continue to push my idea when there’s difference of opinion, blind people are talking about they see their problem is they’re not selling their idea expensive enough to make a large profit. they don’t see their bills being paid and them eating without having to struggle pretending to be lavish. If we want to share our castle with our own rooms we need to get used to working together as a structure. a unit. I want to be honest and loyal, not a dictator; but a good voice of opinion.

Tyler E. Tucker 2014


wild before this desire contorted the fire distorted empiric proportions my mind recorded contrite extortions confiding endorsements in riding false horses made of clay. dirt hurt landing on as much as believing in when i glanced to the sky and cry from dust in my eye why didn’t we try finding sight from the blindness binding minds but we’re mindless dying mindsets shinning bright vibrant likeness through light less dark sparking my heart with a mark i dart away from the shards flying apart cause it’s hard on my art you should know this being like a gorgeous lotus i’ll never forgive you for your beauty Orchid barely bloOrchidoming!


It’s so difficult with these mystical visual lyrical listed miracles you presented me with hesitant resentment of definite resonance infinitely. I want to be respected but my reflected perspective invested in my digression until you showed luminescence and glowed true you showed through my gloomy distress sitting in entombed darkness i assumed heartless wouldn’t resume artists though i knew you’d consume my heart next i presumed harsh text for my desires flourished and blossomed burning a fire performance stating i relayed displayed through the entire portion retorting to go back i know that we won’t match we both know that but my heartstrings…..disheartening hark calling marking darkening parts as my sharp slippery slits of shards splinter other resonant parts of my chemistry arcs electrifying me completely i wish you’d need me but it’s death defying being greedy therefore i release thee into the world above you rain on me cleansing my mind though i notice girls distrust love i’ll blow kisses knowing i’m just reciting old wishes of bliss miss….