Yes i walk through the valley with the shadows of death,

in their depths i hold no fear for what’s ahead.

I will fear no false statement and stand in light of truth.

I will walk through the depths of darkness, walking in my own heartfelt.

I could be foolish and believe whatever I’m told;

or, I can choose the other road to research and connect with my goal.

Contact with my soul.

If Joseph had a coat of many colors,

and, our televisions are lucid and vivid as well;

Why are we still seeing in BLACK and WHITE,

condemning our own brothers and sisters to Hell?

Is it a dedicated directional dwelling we’re sharing

or a prescription to sell?

You teach love while starving the homeless child you feed once a week,

and make them believe they’re fasting.

How much longer will your lying actions be lasting?

Amassing oceans of people flooding poverty,

the richest nation’s right as of now as pure as a colostomy.

Preach love spread hate; debacle debate distasteful innate.

Without revolution we can’t achieve evolution

so when will this pollution cease for a solution

if we keep producing negative influences

to constitute an illusion which nothing’s even proven?

We both know you get either love or hate,

which you choosing?

Ever wanted to time-travel?

We’re back in the 1980’s

and the world isn’t moving!

We deserve restitution.

But, we’re destitute; set to shoot a rock with a stick,

though, we got what we get.

That’s the problem we’re in.

Going in circles and starting to spin

into a spiral that will not ever end

if we can’t change the cycle we blend,

and dissolve into the film on top like the scum we’ve been.

Tell me again how I’m not making it in,

into Heaven dear brethren,

my head starts to spin,

cause i’m reeling, casting, asking

for fishers of men to blaspheme,

(if that’s what masses consider requests

asking practicing casters of judgement to deliver us with).

Remember to extend your hand,

as you dwell in the sound;

a bottomless well drowns in the downed pits of HELL you found:

Your reflection.

Friend, I walk across the bridge of fire in heaven,

without even looking down or back to ask forgiveness

I’d still assist you for us both to prevail.

If you weren’t a one sided believer casting rage for deceivers,

still saying GOD is LOVE; WHY would it HATE?

I stir the POT up to taste i’ve gotten this paste in my mouth now

for I’d like us to go North but we all ended up South bound.

  • 8-30/2014 Tyler Tucker

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