Theoretic rhetoric

Theoretic rhetoric as well,

how can you hate preference of self

which displays barrier less love,

casting damnation amongst brethren.

 A name which you blaspheme yourselves disastrously

delve deeper into a master piece

The modern day “biblical type folk”

seem to be portraying an eyeful

stating, “you’re going to die slow and painful in a simmering stew…

if you don’t listen and talk like we do”,

slightly askew of truth.

Only LOVE is boundless, and you’ve steadily sounded,

“sin misses the mark” , erecting the fences’ parts

then get the point.

Before you validate direction ending a start!

Before we could read a story we had to use our eyes

Dimming the light we only read the top of the line with our sights

on feeding our lives without needing our hearts to keep beating.

Jesus spoke of our eyes being deceiving.

The LORD is no Homophobe, you’re just a

really slow philophobic agoraphobe.

Get your blurred picture out of the image.

The trail was the road and you flail unaware of focus.

If I said your “GOD” doesn’t accept full homosexuals

I’d be scorned knowing they’re performance

is surely fair purely they’re the only ones

open enough to be opened up, so;

why are our hearts closed, though?

A dark road i tread depths as i chart those bullies

A sharp blow by said throw of the dart pokes fully

A need to knead the knot so this religion isn’t…

Inconsistent, though GOD isn’t a texture.

I reckon you don’t question GOD

Unless we dredge a quest with our best guesses..

Its word is all it holds;

as we’re pierced with the High Sword, we’ve lost control.

Our loss of Love’s shredding apart our souls!

Man has become Humanity’s obstacle!






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