The Anonymous Angel Project

The Anonymous Angel Project; a crowd-fund communication network, bringing back the spirit of togetherness.So often in society we complain about whats wrong instead of working to fix it.
So with this in mind The Anonymous Angel was created. Do you know someone who has a yard they don’t cut? Do you wonder why or just complain?
Have you ever considered they can’t afford a lawnmower or to pay someone to come cut it? Do you have a friend who seems to be struggling to make ends meet
and you want to find a way to give a little something extra? How about that family that doesn’t have a car because every dollar goes towards bills?
That’s where this idea is being put together. Donate to The Anonymous Angel gofundme account and bring it to the attention of the forum. Then with your help
we can get the problems worked on without complaint, hassle and judgement.

Everyday struggles are going on around us. Families are hungry, veterans are homeless, lights are shutoff as bills can’t be paid, suicides increase when people are unable to get help.
The Anonymous Angel is a way we can step forward and empower people. Yes, some take advantage but for others it’s a step forward, a way out of the life they’re drowning in.
Obviously when you’re months behind in bills or living on the streets one offer of assistance won’t change the world but it creates hope. Hope that tomorrow will be just a shade more hopeful.

Who is contributing towards getting problems solved if nobody takes action further than an opinion. If the communication were involved to actually obtain neighborhood awareness; wouldn’t it be in the best interest of the community if everybody participating in the network contributed as much as they complained? The money is being put into the crowd fund to contribute towards everybody as a collective actually doing something about the unsightly. Everybody participating with The Anonymous Angel Project is an active resource of involvement. The Forum is located at:

I am not in sole control of anything without communication and can not promise certainty more than leaving the money to collect as I continue to assist others in labor through my course. I am working with others rather working for one subsidy. And willing to discuss openly and leave a itemized record upon all approved transactions. Otherwise the number will grow by the contribution and help needed. By everybody collecting the money and discussing expenses openly before decisions are finalized. We have a more fair regulation on staying within budget. To be able to complete work at hand, without corporate and desperate highball estimates.

Bear with me as I am working through all of this amongst a small group of loyal friends and family who believe in me and promoting my idea. Regularly assisting others even if I just see a moving truck and offer to work. Changing someones tire on the roadside out of generosity. There can be someone or something on the way. If we communicate.

I am trying to piece this together as we continue to build inspiration. I might not be able to answer every question immediately. Although I assure I will be an active participant as well in the foundation and construction of this project design.


Anonymous Angel Project Inspiration

The Anonymous Angel Project

It’s been brought to my attention
Adults seem to have completely lost
Focus on importance of commotion
If our job is not to gossip; yet we’re
causing problems with Kamikazee
exaggerated drama
You act like you care so much about
The Neighborhood, Etc. where we live.
Instead try assisting one another
Take care of your brothers
Gonna complain, get involved
pitch in and give.
Each time we whine and stir about our petty drivel.
Where was the helping hand?
Since when was a caring heart banned?
How about this; a cure through compassion.
As we continue to attend public hearings,
community proceedings with less accusations
can curb assumptious presumptions and become more realistic.
It is time for All the adults to grow up.
Start communicating, listen to one another.
Listen to yourself first. Controlling how others live.
Contribute towards this crowdfund and as well
comment on the thread and it will go to my email.
See something that needs help?
Know of anybody with unsightly property?
Somebody in poverty could sustain through this theory.
Be a part of the solution. Do something right.

I don’t want complete control over finances.
My family could live comfortably; vacation annually and rationalize
on 600$ a week through one person in the homestead. It isn’t difficult.
Therefore; with my pardon begged for intrusion, as a voice in a free idea in communication. I would prefer being requested where to go achieve in assisting discomforted. A lone soldier.
Contributing my offer in travel as well as curbing impoverishment.
With everybody helping another.
But I need help with lacked knowledge in critical necessary fields for operating a successful idea as such presented.
Please grant access into a more secure future.
I’m pulling my last string of hope towards faith in humanity.
Why allow a society to view me as a peasant or treat me like a pawn when i’ve always known I can be the entire board and shut down the game?
If ACTIVE PARTICIPATION in community involvement presented such a revolutionary theory; World Unity may be more possible.
Thank you for your time.

Tyler Tucker