I just wanted to feel important. Pretend I fit in. I wanted the illusion of quality time together and having someone there. I wanted a family. Everybody grows up in a situation where our strongest desires are always just a dream. Success, wealth, fame, friends, family, communion, fellowship, church, work, money, it’s all obviously more important in life than being family. Being there for another, inseparable. That’s what we always wanted growing up, somebody there to listen to us. Now everybody talks anyways without being heard or relevant. There’s got to be someone in control. Dictation. You “have to” this and that. Nothing is optional. And none of us matter, ever. Anywhere, anyways. Facing reality; our parents haven’t been there for the idea of a family since before the 1980s. The children are as important as we are home for them. The bills became more important. Struggling became more desired than life itself. There never was time for kids. Kids were the lesser, they’re the background like the pets. Supposed to come first, important when remembered. That’s really where our places stand. For the saying “know your place”. We’re all last. Since economics. Parents don’t have time for kids, work till death and their kids are parents now and don’t have time for kids or parents. Sounds really like family. So the kids always go try finding acceptance and run around doing everything they aren’t stopped doing. Grow up faster trying to find one person who listens and understands. Looking for the invisible replacement chip for their shoulder. Because of the forever missing piece. A real family. By another, with another, for another. That never happens. We progress never having time now unless squeezed in enough for a planned scheduling of the most important and necessary part of life. When we get older and need caretaking we haven’t been there through their lives so they don’t have time for their parents that didn’t have time for them and the circle never ends because they still don’t get time for their family either. We’re all irrelevant, we’re all invisible.  We’re just rocks, another pile of junk, more clutter in someone’s life. There isn’t time. Emotions are only important to the drug prescribed. The drugs are the only ones that don’t judge you or hide sorrowful hearts. When in reality, everybody alive post 1912 doesn’t deserve anything in their existence. And none of it was ever actually here from the beginning. Unimportant, unaccepted, undesired, undeserving. Family became a story of the past. There’s not time for life anymore, death is rushing around every corner. We shouldn’t be here, and
shouldn’t be in any hurry to stay after the last 20 years. Let’s see how many mistakes continue after our generations finally are an acceptable age to be relevant, considering were in our 30s and transparent. Youth will always be voiceless and dreams are always going to be that. Thanks society. Nobody belongs.