Warning Story

Warning Story

I come with a warning
Because I’ve come with a story
Traversing through the past
I’ve never really been asked

How can I understand
What possibly do I fathom
Why display such audacity
My intent isn’t you mad at me
My experience is tattered
My spirit has been battered
I had to craft my disaster
Before it dried into plaster
And stuck to the walls
Weighing down my soul.

Why can’t you see the scars
Your darkness dims my stars
But they will burn brighter
Desire lit by an eternal fire
I’ve been the supplier,
Pyre ignitor, designer,
describer, driver, diver,
Provider, transcriber,
So why the denial
If it isn’t mistrust, than just
Relinquish me of disgust
After all I’ve done
I know how far I’ve come.


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