So I Wrote

I asked them about
What I wrote
They replied using
My own quote
I inquired “What do
I talk about?”
Their statement was
“Just write it down.”
So I wrote.

I transcribed what
I knew about
Described it all and
Wrote it down
Kept tempo then
In a whirlwind of
Rhythmic melody as
I explained the
Steady pattern we can
Naturally see
Happening when it is
Believed to be
Back beneath every single soul
I really dunno

So I wrote

Wrote of how things
Will some way play out
Between knowledge by
Reasonable doubt
After so many others
Are walking around
Noses skyward but
Heads to the ground
Control your destiny
Though just for now
Somehow it seems
It comes down to
Together none
Or all as one
I didn’t know
So I wrote

So I wrote

Steady clenching
Cramped hands
Thinking singing
Spent bands
Beaches wearing
Ray bans
Bikinis with
Bronze tans
The best ten foods
Worse friends
Places that I would
Love Goin
People we all could
Need knowin
Say it isn’t so
So I wrote

So I wrote


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