Purpose distorted

We can cry over the loss of loved ones. But it doesn’t bring anybody back.

After so much blood has been shed we still have our own problems at the end of the day.

The world is making me numb. I want to cry at the thought of what civilization has become. But crying doesn’t solve our problems we face. 

Humanity is a progressing infection diseasing our planet watching it slowly dying as we ride the wave until the final crash against the rocks.

We have become more interested in the next most popular nothing to distract us all from productive thinking. 

If anything were of importance, I would consider taking action to improve current living situations before moving into a duplex of disorder such as our faltering economic disaster. At this point, nothing is going to be just fine.

We can’t even live. You’re human as I am just the same. But the way it’s viewed your humanity isn’t as qualifying as my inhumane expectations require from your humanness. Therefore you are now in this category to fit into a dialogue. Those you allow to control your thoughts and actions will eventually make you into what they profiled you to become. 

Keep chasing the dream. Stand still and realize reality. When this is over. We are still living in the 20th century a century later. Never having moved forward but continuing a spiral in the same place we were trying to leave over 60 years ago. 

Will we ever move forward? Only if we begin thinking again. If we begin to take action. If we get involved in our communities. If we do something to refresh and renew ourselves of oppression and enslavement. 

I don’t see much of a chance.